Vacancy: Postdoc position in mathematics or statistics

Charles University
Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Duration: ~18 months.
Requirement: Ph.D. degree in mathematics or statistics.
Specialization: Nonparametric multivariate statistics; Stochastic geometry; Convex geometry; Integral geometry
Starting date: July 1, 2019 or later.
Description: The main research aims cover the topics of robust and nonparametric multivariate statistics. A particular vein of study is focused on the statistical data depth, its theoretical properties, and the related concepts from general mathematics. For a general overview of the depth and the studied concepts see an introductory presentation, and the survey paper Data depth and floating body. A brief description of some open problems to be solved within the project aims can be found here.
Application deadline: When the position is filled, or on May 31, 2019.

Full details regarding the application procedure can be found here.
Questions may be directed to S. Nagy.

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For students interested in research into multivariate mathematical statistics and geometry at all study levels, we offer a range of possible research topics. A small sample of these is provided below - many other topics are available upon agreement. Students are welcome to contact us directly.

Pre všetkých študentov, ktorí majú záujem o výskum v mnohorozmernej matematickej štatistike a geometrii, ponúkame radu možných výskumných tém / tém záverečných prác. Ich malý výber nájdete dole - mnoho ďalších je dostupných po dohode. Záujemcom odporúčame, aby sa na nás neváhali obrátiť priamo.

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